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Wood-fired ovens have been about for many thousands of years. From the Clay/Cob ovens found in all corners of the world to the more sophisticated Pompeii ovens which have mainly been found in Europe and more so in the area’s from the Roman domination period.

The earliest bread oven that archaeologists have found dates back about 3000 years. The Roman City of Pompeii was buried in molten ash after Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. It was only re-discovered 1700 years later. In 1748 archaeologists started to uncover the once forgotten City. The work at Pompeii carries on to this day. The bread ovens that were found still had petrified bread in them.

Bread ovens are still being found today lurking amongst the undergrowth of newly bought older properties. Many of these would have been communal ovens. This is still the case today in many villages throughout Europe where the towns people can take their dough to a communal oven.

Celtic Wood-fired ovens are a newly formed Wood-fired oven company supplying ready-made ovens and refractory products to the home builder. Our showroom/workshop is based in Mamhilad, Pontypool,Newport and we will be stocking....Ready-made/Modular ovens from British and Continental Manufacturers along with all basic raw refractory products and Outdoor cooking accessories..

... Fire-bricks, natural puddling clay, vermiculite, thermal blanket, fire-clay, fire-cement, Oven stands, clay bricks, pizza peels/brush/scrapers, etc.

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More and more people are now starting to use wood-fired ovens as their versatility from simple Pizza party’s to home bread baking, slow roasting and 1001 other things are easily achieved.

This website will guide anybody wanting to either build their own Wood-fired oven or buy a Modular (kit-form) oven. From a simple Clay oven to a more adventurous fire-brick built Pompeii or Vault oven. Our interactive and busy FORUM is full of resource with plenty of members with advice and tips.

Everyone is warmly invited to post in their own Pizza or Bread recipes or have their own oven shown in our Pizza oven picture gallery.

Enjoy the journey.


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